Treating Insomnia – Natural Remedies to Improve Your Sleep

While practically we all sooner or later have a had a troublesome time nodding off during the evening, when this occurs all the time it can make the waking hours a lot harder to traverse. Insomnia consistently can clearly prompt weariness – what’s more it can cause fractiousness, cerebral pains, sickness, wooziness, expanded ailment, and stress. Dreadful stuff.

There are various approaches to manage insomnia, including prescription, characteristic cures, and changes you can make to your life to enable you to sleep better.

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Circadian Rhythm Regulating your Sleep Cycle?

Before explaining what melatonin is, do you know, your body works on circadian rhythm which regulates your sleep cycle?       

Melatonin hormone secreted from the pineal glands of the brain, controls this circadian rhythm or the internal clock of your body. It controls the time to sleep and wake up!

The melatonin levels in our body increase in the absence of light and decrease with its presence thus, controlling the sleep pattern. However, those who work during night and sleep at the daytime face real problems to have a natural circadian rhythm and develop sleeping disorders gradually.

The problem lies among frequent travelers too. As they travel through different time zones, sleep their body clock gets confused and disrupts the normal pattern. Most of the times, they are treated with melatonin natural sleeping pills to get rid of jet lag.

Our ancestors had less exposure to artificial lights at night, which made them sleep comfortably at night. Also, with an increase in age, production of melatonin decreases which causes sleep deprivation. Women with menopause go through hormonal imbalance which can lead to a dysfunctional body clock. All of these can be treated with dosages of melatonin.

Circadian Rhythm

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